Grace – 4 Months

July 25, 2006

Grace – 4 Months
Originally uploaded by Matt and Carrie.

She’s a happy baby, isn’t she? Today is Carrie and my two year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been two years already. We watched our wedding video today with Grace sleeping on me. Compared to last year….well…there is no comparison, our lives are changed. It is so much for the better though.

I looked at Riley, our flower girl in our wedding, and I see how much she’s changed since the video. My dad had a beard, Grandma Hatfill looked different. Can you imagine when we watch our wedding video in 5-10 years?

Though, I’m reminded this weekend, that 5 to 10 years will be a gift from God. Our good friend, and fellow Christ servant Tyler Downey died in a head-on collision on I-70 near St. Louis, Saturday. Tyler was a passionate man. He had a heart for people that didn’t know about Jesus Christ. Our sovreign God has reminded us all once again that life is a vapor…we are like the Casting Crowns song says…a wave crashing in the ocean. Tyler, we will miss you…but you are the blessed one right now, singing with so many in heaven.