On the Road Again!

June 27, 2009

Since we live far away from family, we tend to travel quite a bit.  After returning to Austin after Christmas, we didn’t travel again until May!  However, we are definitely making up for lost time.  Check out our world of travels…

May: Matt went to Kentucky for his cousin’s wedding.  The girls and I went to Oklahoma for my cousin’s graduation.

June: Matt went to Missouri for MO Boys State (he’s a counselor there every year).  The girls and I visited the Flener family in KC and the Richardson family in IL.

July 4th: We’ll be in Austin for the 4th, but prior to that we’re going (the 4 of us) to Port Aransas (near Corpus Christi) for a family vacation!  We’re SO EXCITED about this get-away!  Just the 4 of us…on the beach!

July: We’re all going to Kentucky for Matt’s other cousin’s wedding.  (Sister to the previous cousin who was married in May!)

August: We’re all flying to STL.  The girls will go to IL with my parents.  Matt and I are going to Mexico to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  It’s a 4 day trip because that’s more than we can stand to be away from our girls!  After we come back, we’ll all stay in IL to visit the Richardson family.

September: Matt is going to Indiana for a Boys State Conference.

October: We’re all going to KC to visit the Flener family and then on to IL for my cousin’s wedding.  Grace is a flower girl and I’m a bridesmaid, so we’ll get to be a part of all the wedding hoopla!

November: Not sure about Thanksgiving plans yet.  Matt has to work, but I’m not sure the girls and I will be able to pass up the opportunity to see family!

December: We’ll all be going to IL for Christmas for just a few days.

Does that make anyone else tired?!  Let’s just say we should have a free flight by the end of it!  🙂

What I’m learning through all of this…The most difficult part is the interruption of our life here in Austin.  Sometimes we’re gone for more than a week and distant from Matt.  But, that’s part of living far away from family.  In the end, all of the stress, money, and hassle of traveling is worth it for precious moments with friends and family.

Thanks to our friends here in Austin who are understanding when we put those relationships on hold for a week or so while we travel around.

And thanks to our friends and family in the Midwest who continue to be supportive of our decision to live 15 hours away.  Thanks for the extra effort it takes to keep our relationships close despite the distance.

Our Little Fish

June 10, 2009

We have been swimming several times in the past week.  We went to the NW pool and really enjoyed the kiddie pool.  Alyssa likes walking around with her floaty and Grace can touch from one end to the other.  It’s fantastic!

Grace is a little timid and very proud of herself when she holds her breath and dunks her chin in the water.  🙂  Alyssa has no fear.  She loves being in the water and was dipping her face in the water today!

My friend is giving Grace swimming lessons and started yesterday.  I’m excited for her to overcome a little fear and get used to the water.

I have to drag both girls out of the water when it’s time to go home.  This is a relief since their mom HATED the water as a kid!  (Right, Mom & Dad?!?)  🙂

Alyssa finally decided that walking is better than crawling!  Sunday night we had some friends over.  We were praying together and I was keeping one eye open because we had 5 kiddos running loose.  While I was “peeking,” Alyssa let go of the couch and took about 10 steps!  I squeezed Matt’s hand so he could watch her too.

My brother’s comment…”She’s probably been walking this whole time…just not while you’re watching!”  Agreed!  What a stinker!!

The past few days she has taken more steps at a time.  As of this afternoon, she was walking all over the house.  She gets such a kick out of herself and wants to keep going.  While she walks, Alyssa holds her arms up like she’s flexing her muscles.  It helps her balance and is how we helped her walk.

This is the stage I’ve been waiting for!  Soon I won’t have to carry her everywhere and it will be easier to play outside.  And, she’s a pretty fast crawler so this has slowed her down a bit.  🙂

I said, “Yes!”

June 1, 2009

We're Engaged!

We're Engaged!

6 years ago today, Matt drove me to my parents house.  When I walked into the living room, “Will You Marry Me” was spelled out in pictures across the floor.  The picture was the two of us with a family we met on a mission trip to El Salvador.  The woman told us, “Some day you will get married and have lots of babies!”  Awkward at the time (Matt was dating someone else), but was amazing a few years later when we started dating.  Not sure about the “lots of babies” part (unless 2 is “lots”), but we did get married.

I was recently told that babies (around Alyssa’s age) either thrive in language or motor skills.  Once I thought about it, she’s definitely right.  You never see an 11-month-old walking around AND talking.  It’s either one or the other.

My girls were the opposite of each other.  Grace was walking at 11 months, but hardly saying a word.  Alyssa, on the other hand, has only taken a few steps, but is saying 30 words!  Yes, you read that correctly!  30!!  And, to prove it, I’m going to list them all out along with her pronunciation of the word.

  1. Mom – “mama”
  2. Dad – “dada”
  3. Alyssa – “Ayissa”
  4. no – “na”
  5. dog – “da”
  6. woof – “foof”
  7. “oo oo” (for a monkey)
  8. bath – “bapf”
  9. poop – “poo”
  10. baby – “beebee”
  11. belly – “bebby”
  12. Lucca (our friends’ dog) – “Cucca”
  13. Jeff – “Beff”
  14. Grandpa – “Bapa”
  15. Nana – “Nana”
  16. banana – “nana”
  17. baseball – “baseaball”
  18. ball – “baw”
  19. more – “maw”
  20. uh oh – “uh oh”
  21. walk – “alk”
  22. bird – “buwd”
  23. hot – “ot”
  24. bear – “be” (short e sound)
  25. boo – “boo”
  26. this – “dis”
  27. book – “buw”
  28. hug – “gug”
  29. bye – “bu bye”
  30. Grandma – “mamamama”