The Flower Girl

August 28, 2009

Alyssa, Allie, Grace & Mindy at Mindy's wedding shower

Alyssa, Allie, Grace & Mindy at Mindy's wedding shower

My cousin, Mindy (on the right in picture), is getting married in October. She asked me to be a bridesmaid and Grace to be one of the flower girls. We are both honored and so excited about the big day!!!

While we were in Illinois in August, Grace got to try on her dress for the first time…bow and all! She was in the height of her glory. In fact, she cried when it was time to take the dress off. She’s such a girlie girl and knows pretty things when she sees them!

Since trying on the dress, she talks about being a flower girl…all the time! She asked if she gets a “groom” at Mindy’s wedding. No, Grace, only Mindy (the bride) gets a groom! 🙂

One night during her bath, she said, “Mommy, can you call me ‘flower girl’?” Oh my!

I still have the flower girl basket and petals from when Grace was a flower girl in Jeff & Loran’s wedding (my brother and sister-in-law). She was only 15 months old at the time, so we were just hoping she would make it down the aisle. Well, now she’s 3 1/2, so I expect perfection! 🙂 I got out the basket and petals and let her practice. (I promise I’m not “that kind of mom.” I just know activities that my daughter would enjoy!) 🙂 And she did!

Did I also mention she’s a perfectionist!?! Could present a problem with the flower girl duties…she was very particular about the spacing of flower petals and number of petals dropped.

We’ll keep “practicing”, Mindy! 🙂

Alyssa says it all

August 23, 2009

Well…she does!  She can just about say any word (except for “Grace”…go figure!).  Anyway, after saying “icing” last night, she added 2 more words to her vocabulary tonight…”Bible” and “paci.”  Here is a video of her saying “paci.”

Family Date Night

August 22, 2009

Every once in awhile, we spend some family time with a night on the town.  We have such a good time together and enjoy exploring the city as a family.  Tonight we did some of our favorite things…

We started at Elsi’s Restaurant.  It’s an El Salvadorian restaurant with authentic Mexican food – yummy!  Matt and I have decided that this is our favorite kind of food.  And, the girls love Mexican too, so it works out well!!  While we were eating, it actually rained!  Austin hasn’t seen rain in forever, but later we found out that the rain didn’t come to our neighborhood – too bad for our grass (or dirt and straw at this point)!!

Next we gave Grace the option of Yogurt Planet or Hey Cupcake.  You can’t lose either way, but she chose Hey Cupcake.  Good choice, Grace!!  By the end of our time there, Grace had a chocolate mustache and Alyssa’s newest word was “icing!” (see video)

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Our next stop was Central Market.  For those of you non-Austinites, it’s a grocery store with a restaurant/outdoor eatery/playground too!  First we had to see the lobsters and crabs in the seafood department.  Then we listened to some live music outside and ran around on the playground for a bit.  It was way too crowded on the playground so we limited our time there.

On the way home, Mommy & Daddy needed some coffee from Thunderbird so we grabbed some french press to go!

It was a fun night – full of talking and laughing and having fun!  I asked Grace what her favorite part was and she said, “I liked Elsi’s…I mean Central Market.”  I said, “I thought Hey Cupcake would be your favorite.”  She said, “Oh yeah, I mean Hey Cupcake!”  So, I guess really everything was her favorite.

I agree.  I can enjoy just about anything when 3 of my favorite people are with me!!


Breck & Brian were friends of ours when we lived in Columbia.  They moved to North Carolina the year before we moved to Austin.  Brian recently got accepted into the PhD program at Baylor and they now live in Waco!!  We hadn’t seen them since they left Columbia 3 years ago and now they only live 1 1/2 hours from us!!

This meant…a reunion!  🙂  On Saturday we drove to Waco to reunite with our friends.

We had a fantastic day with them!  We had lunch at their place, let the kiddos nap, walked through the Dr. Pepper Museum (not recommended!), ate pizza at Double Dave’s (recommended), saw the Baylor bears (they have real bears on campus), got a driving tour (from Brian & Breck) of Baylor University, gave the kids baths together, and hung out into the wee hours of the night.  When we left, we were by no means ready to!  But, we still had to drive home.  🙂


My great-grandma has always been a precious member of our family.  She’s hilarious, witty, poetic, and someone I’ve always looked up to.  She’ll be 99 in October…can you believe it?!?

She’s in the hospital right now, so please pray for her.  They think she’s had a stoke.

This is one of those times that it’s hard to live far away.  Not that I could do anything if I lived closer, but it’s hard being away.

We all got to see her a few weeks ago during our visit to Illinois.  Here are some pictures of Grandma Hatfill…

Matt and I spent 4 days and 3 nights in Port Aventuras, Mexico, in the Riviera Maya.  It was awesome!  We soaked up the sun, relaxed, and ate food we didn’t have to prepare!  🙂  The girls spent time with Minima & Bapa in IL.  They had an equally good time and hardly noticed we were gone.  🙂  4 days was enough time to get some R&R and we were definitely anxious to get home to our girls.  Life just isn’t as sweet without them!!!

Here are some pics of our trip…