November 21, 2009

Tonight we ventured out to the Domain (an outdoor, upscale shopping center) for the lighting of the Macy’s tree. They also had live music (featuring Jason Castro from American Idol), face painting, balloon animals, roasted marshmallows, and fireworks.

Grace really wanted to get her face painted so we waited…and waited…and waited in line. When it was her turn, she told Daisy the Clown that she wanted to be a purple cat. OK… So, here is the result…

Oh, and we had to insert a cute picture of Alyssa too (even if her face isn’t painted)!!!

We were able to wash Grace’s face before bed, although she begged to keep it on. While we do live in a city who’s slogan is “Keep Austin Weird”…I honestly can’t bring myself to take a “cat” to church! 🙂

Alyssa is growing up right before our eyes…each day she makes progress at becoming a big girl. For the past 4 days she has slept all night in her big girl bed and taken naps in that bed too. Hooray! We can now take down the pack ‘n play and store it. That means one less bed in the girls’ room and a little more space for getting to their closet and dressers. Alyssa has even done a great job at staying in bed once we put her down. The first few nights she would get up several times until we got frustrated and stuck her in the pack ‘n play. Well, that’s a thing of the past.

Are diapers going to be a thing of our past too?!? Well, it’s looking that way. Alyssa is ready…I’m just not sure if I am! Today she didn’t have a wet diaper from the time she woke up from her nap until we put her to bed! I think she told us 4 times that she had to go potty and then went!! WOW! If we weren’t traveling next week I’d probably do a full-out potty training day at home, but that’s my excuse for now. Actually, if she keeps this up, I may not have a choice…she may be potty trained by the time we get back from our Thanksgiving travels! Oh my! Who knew 19-month-olds could train themselves!!! Grace loves it because we all get an M&M when Alyssa goes. 🙂 Here’s how it goes…

Alyssa says, “Potty!” I reply with “Alyssa, do you have to go potty? Let’s go!” Grace yells after us, “Do we get an M&M if Alyssa goes potty?” I say “yes” and hurry to get Alyssa on the potty. As soon as Alyssa sits down she says, “yeah!” and then follows it with “M&M?” “Yes, Alyssa, you get an M&M IF you go potty.” If she goes, we cheer and shout and run into the kitchen to get M&Ms! It’s funny because we have the same dialogue every time. And after she gets her 1 M&M, Alyssa keeps begging for “mo-wee!!” (that’s “more” for those of you who don’t know baby talk) 🙂

So much has happened…

November 13, 2009

It’s amazing what happens in the course of a week. Every day something happened and I thought…I should blog about that. But, life happens and time slips away…and I forget. Now, I get to blog about a gazillion things all in one post! Aren’t you excited!?! Let’s see if I can remember everything…

Alyssa…She’s continuing to potty train herself, although she still goes in her diaper more than the potty. Poop consistently goes in the potty, but she’s still trying to figure out #1. However, most times while she’s peeing in her diaper she’ll tell me, “Potty!” That’s a step in the right direction!

Her other “big news”…last Saturday morning we woke up to her screaming. We went running in the room to find her on the floor. That’s right…she flipped out of her crib. Grace was crying too because it scared her. We’re still not exactly sure how she did it, but we weren’t going to give her another opportunity to do it. So, we moved her to Grace’s twin bed and Grace is now sleeping on the queen sized guest bed. Alyssa has had some trouble adjusting to the twin bed. We keep the pack n play handy because most times she ends up in it. She likes to get out of bed to see what Mommy & Daddy are up to. 🙂

Grace…is reading!!! We were looking through the Target ad a few days ago and she said, “Look, Mommy! That says “big”!” She was right. My jaw hit the floor. One of her new favorite games is to spell words with letter magnets on our refrigerator. She amazes me with the words she can read. I was spelling “lip” “hip” “zip” and threw in some “chip” “slip” “trip”…she read them all. Holy cow!

Grace has been living in her flower girl dress. Every free minute we have she asks to put it on. When we moved her to the “Queen bed,” she was so excited and said, “I’m going to dream about princesses and weddings!” Both Erin and Mindy’s weddings left big impressions on her. Just this afternoon she asked me…”Do we get to have the wedding again when we go to Minima and Bapa’s house for Thanksgiving?” Nope. The wedding is over. If she could, she’d go to a wedding every day…as long as she could wear her flower girl dress. 🙂

Matt…has been working TONS of overtime. Not by choice, mind you, but because of the terrible shootings at Fort Hood. He worked until midnight last Thursday (the day it happened), 15 hours on Sunday (at Ft. Hood), left Monday at 10:30 am for Ft. Hood and didn’t get home until Tuesday night at 9pm. Needless to say, we’re VERY excited to having nothing planned this weekend!! He’s taking the girls out on a date tonight while I go to a jewelry party with my neighbor.

Me…I’ve felt so overwhelmed with our schedule lately. I think it was amplified while Matt was gone because I was playing “single parent.” I’ve had a lot of orders for NameDrop and this was the week to clean my friend’s house. So, I felt like every “free” minute I had went to those things. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my business! In fact, my friend and I are getting ready to start another Etsy business. Stay tuned for those details… 🙂 I’m looking forward to my “girls night out” tonight with Kathleen and some good family time tomorrow and Sunday.

My sister-in-law was in town for the Texas Tech/UT volleyball game on Wednesday. I got to spend ALL DAY with her and it was so refreshing. She brought the girls some dress-up goodies and my brother was jealous that she got the “bonus points.” 🙂 Unfortunately, Texas Tech lost the match, but won the first game which was the first time for Texas to lose a game at home this season! Guns up!!

Potty talk – child #2

November 5, 2009

Alyssa is potty training herself. I know…it sounds crazy. In fact, I hate to even blog about it because I’m afraid I’ll jinx it! But, I don’t believe in “jinxing” and I feel it’s necessary to blog about it to let the facts sink into my own brain. I can hardly believe the “events” over the past few days are real! I’ll explain…

Yesterday I had the light on in the bathroom (a common occurance so Grace can go by herself). Alyssa and I were walking down the hallway, past the bathroom, to the toy room. As we passed the bathroom, Alyssa stopped and said, “potty.” I said, “do you need to go potty?” She answered with, “yeah!” so I sat her on the potty (she’s been going #2 on the potty for the past month). Grace came into the bathroom with her musical instruments, which prevented me from hearing if Alyssa went or not. After a bit, Alyssa said, “Yeah!” and wiggled her way off the toilet. I looked for evidence. Sure enough…the water was rippling and the seat was wet where she slid off. Hooray! But…probably a fluke.

HOWEVER! Today she continued her streak. She went #1 AND #2 TWICE in the potty!!! Oh my goodness! I could do a happy dance! I encouraged her to go on the potty when I “sensed” her needing to go #2, but she initiated both #1’s!! Both times we were doing something else and she said, “potty.” I followed her into the bathroom and set her on the potty. She said, “yeah!” and then went! I love that she says “yeah” before she goes. Hilarious!

Sorry for the “potty talk”, but this is the latest news in the Flener homestead and the highlight of my week!

Here’s to Alyssa’s continued potty training… 🙂 We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Today at Dragonfly School they made turkey hats…so cute! They were marching in a circle singing a song about turkeys when I arrived to pick up Grace today. Miss Vicki & Miss Molly said that Grace wanted the eyes of her turkey to be to the side of the nose and mouth (see pictures below). They thought this showed Grace’s artistic abilities and that she can think outside the box. Well, Mommy likes things “in the box” so it made me twitch a little. 🙂

Today was Kenny’s, one of Grace’s classmates, 1/2 birthday. I guess it’s a tradition in their family to celebrate half-birthdays. She brought in “half” of a cake and balloons for the kids. (I might have to start this tradition…I think it’s such a cute idea and a great excuse to have more birthday cake!). Alyssa and Grace both got a balloon. They love balloons. Our local grocery store, HEB, gives balloons to the kids when you shop there. Well, the balloons from today didn’t last long. They both popped after touching our popcorn ceiling! The first one (Grace’s) popped right after Grace got inside the house. She cried because it scared her. The second one, Alyssa’s, lasted through a few pictures and through part of lunch. Grace “tied” it to Alyssa’s chair while we were eating. Alyssa grabbed the string, let it go, and it popped once it touched the ceiling. Grace cried again. Poor Alyssa just watched Grace cry and you could tell from the look on her face that she thought it was her fault. Poor babies…

Grace & Alyssa update

November 1, 2009

Grace and I were honored to be in a wedding about a month ago. My cousin Mindy married Doug McGuire. We couldn’t be happier for them. I had the honor of standing with Mindy as a bridesmaid and Grace was a flower girl. Below are some pictures….isn’t she the cutest?!? Let’s just say…she was the life of the party (next to the bride and groom, of course!). She danced the night away (until 11pm) and walked down the aisle like a pro.
Grace pushing AlyssaCarrie & GraceWalking down the aisleFlower Girl

She has been going to Dragonfly Preschool and loving every minute of it. They visited a pumpkin farm (Alyssa and I got to go too – they even had animals) and had a Halloween party (see below pics). Unfortunately, because of different circumstances, the school has to close. Grace hasn’t totally figured that out at this point, but will in 3 weeks when we no longer go. 😦 Halloween Party @ Dragonfly SchoolGrace & horse at pumpkin patch

Alyssa is a jabberbox! I don’t mean talking a lot (although she does), but she says EVERYTHING! You say it, she repeats it. It’s amazing! She’s talking like a 2 year old (according to our pediatrician). Here’s a video of her repeating the ABC’s as Matt says them…


Here are some pictures from Halloween too! Both girls like to pose in pictures (they take after their Daddy…ha!) We celebrated Friday night with friends. Their church had a Trunk or Treat, so we got candy from people in the trunks of their cars. They also had face painting and balloon animals. After that, we went to Waco and stayed at a hotel with Jeff & Loran. Texas Tech (Loran is assistant vball coach) played at Baylor so we went to the game and got to hang out all day with Uncle Jeff & Aunt Loran…so fun! We also saw our friends, the Gamels, and went trick-or-treating with them (their son, Oliver, is in some of the pictures).

If you want to see more pictures, I’ll eventually have them up on our flickr site. You’ll need “friends & family” access so e-mail me and I’ll get you hooked up. 🙂

Wow…it’s been awhile!

November 1, 2009

I feel like I start every post with…”sorry I haven’t posted in awhile!” Well…sorry! I’ll try to do better! And, I’ll use this post to try to catch you up on things around the Flener estate. 🙂 I’ll do a separate post for each girl because I have a lot of pictures to show off!!

My etsy business has been keeping me busy. I’ve only had 1 sale on etsy, but several friends have contacted me with orders! It’s been awesome! I’ve really enjoyed making them. It gives me something to think about…a way to use my creative juices. And, Grace has gotten into it. The other day she was using my corner rounder on some scrap pieces of paper. I asked what she was doing and she said, “I’m doing my business, Mommy!” Hilarious!

I’ve also been cleaning a friend’s house every-other-week, which makes me happy because…Momma’s finally bringing home some bacon! Ha!

Matt is still enjoying working for the TV station. He was recently recognized as one of the best TV “Tweeters” and one of the top 50 people in Austin to follow on Twitter. He’s gotten into the social media realm and it’s really helped him as a journalist with contacts and viewers.

In October, he took a voluntary furlow so we all took a 10 day trip to see both sides of the family and attended my cousin’s wedding in Illinois. We had great time with our families.

OK…now I’ll get to the good stuff. I’ll post about the girls in the next post. We know that’s what you really care about. 🙂