Ode to Daddy-o

December 7, 2009

Today is Matt’s 28th birthday. This morning when I told Grace, she said, “Who does he want to invite to his birthday party?!” Her other funny comment was after I told her how old he was…”WOW! I can’t believe that!” She comes up with the best one-liners. 🙂

Unfortunately Matt had to go to work, but the girls and my day completely revolved around it being Matt’s birthday. All day we spent trying to tidy up the house and to make a cake for him.

Grace was thrilled about the cake…talked about it ALL DAY LONG! You would have thought today was her birthday!

We made a cake (from scratch, I might add) and Grace did all the work…poured the ingredients, used the hand mixer, and even iced the cake! She wanted the cake to be yellow with pink, purple and blue icing. 🙂

When Daddy finally got home, the girls ATTACKED him and were thrilled to see him. We ate a homemade dinner of chicken apple sausage, toasted almond rice, baked zucchini with feta cheese and of course, cake for dessert. Alyssa kept saying “CAKE! CAKE!” I told her she had to wait until after dinner and her response was…”why?!” I agree, Alyssa. Why do we have to wait until after dinner to eat the good stuff! 🙂

Grace was very proud of her cake. She told Matt, “I love your cake, Daddy!” Kind of ironic since she made it. Now she’s counting the days until Christmas when we get to make Baby Jesus a birthday cake too.

Grace wins the prize for “Future Betty Crocker”
Alyssa wins the prize for “Best Beater Licker”
and Matt wins the prize for “Best Daddy & Husband” (cheese, I know…but it’s his birthday!…and it’s true!) 🙂

I win the prize for surviving the day with two toddlers hyped up on sugar!!!


Snow in Austin

December 4, 2009

For the past several days, the weather-casters have been talking up the snow. In fact, the way they were talking last night, you would have thought we would get 12″ of snow! Nope…their prediction…a trace to 1/2″. WHAT?!?

One of the weathermen at Matt’s station put it this way…”telling people in central Texas that snow is coming is like walking into a woman’s shoe store and saying ‘It’s all on me…whatever you want!'” He’s right. Everyone here has been going crazy with just the thought of getting snow. As a mid-westerner this cracks me up. Y’all haven’t seen snow! But, as a Texan, it’s true! We don’t get snow. In fact, we only have a few days that reach freezing temperatures.

Last night we told Grace about the possibility of snow. She said, “you mean after my dark nap there will be snow!?” So, this morning we threw open the blinds…no snow.

On our way to my Mom’s Group this morning we saw a few flurries. After that we went with some friends to Wal-Mart to eat at McDonald’s. After we got done eating, we looked out the glass doors. SNOW WAS COMING DOWN!! Not just flurries. It was coming down hard. Grace was giddy. In fact, everyone at the front of the store was giddy. People were whipping out their cell phones to take pictures of the sight before them. It was fun. And hilarious.

By the time we left Wal-Mart, the snow had stopped. But as we drove to the Post Office it began to pick up again. One of the postal workers (who is from Michigan) and I were laughing and making jokes about how Austinians don’t even know what snow is! One couple told me they hadn’t seen snow since 1999 (they are from Florida). Poor people. Deprived.

So, even though it only lasted for a few hours and didn’t stick…it was fun to see the flurries bring out the inner-child in people. I’m still calling today a “Snow Day” and plan to stay inside, eat chili for dinner, and drink peppermint mochas while watching movies tonight. Christmas Vacation, anyone!?! 🙂