Life is good

January 27, 2010

Even though I’ve been on a blog “hiatis,” our life has been so good. Crazy busy, but good.

The past couple weeks have been fantastic. The girls are great. Grace is reading SO MUCH! She’ll recognize words and blow us away with things she knows. It’s crazy.

Alyssa is adding more words to her vocabulary. Yesterday she said, “my turn!” and says “come here!” a lot. 🙂 She follows her big sister around like a little lost puppy and if Grace asks her to do something she says, “alright!” They are so cute together and it reminds me why I always wanted a sister. 🙂 (love you, Jeff!) She also learned her colors from the NBC peacock (Matt works for the NBC station here in Austin) and is now learning to count to 10 from P90X! Hilarious!

I’m doing great too! Matt and I started something new…we get up at 6:15am and take turns going to a local coffee shop for our alone time with God. It’s been incredible! I’ve also started (for the 3rd time!) P90X and trying to get in shape! The girls actually do it with me. I thought this way they see that being healthy is important and I want that to be a part of their lives as well.

My house is actually clean! Now I’m anxious to clean out closets and drawers. Actually, I’m even more anxious to redecorate. I think we’re going to rearrange our living room tonight. Since we’re renting, we can’t paint. But, I can do new pillows, rugs, curtains, and rearrange! Poor Matt!

I’m dreaming of new creations to add to my Etsy business, but haven’t had time to finish them. The business is slow right now because I haven’t put any time into it. Maybe later…I have other important things named Grace and Alyssa to love on. 🙂