Two weeks ago today I realized that Alyssa was ready to be potty-trained. She was wearing a dress and decided she didn’t want her diaper on anymore, so she took it off. I thought…let’s see what happens. Two different times she started to pee on the floor, stopped it, and finished in the potty! Thus began potty-training!

I think this is the key to potty training…wait until THEY are ready instead of when YOU are ready.

Potty-training was a success and we’re officially diaper-free! Alyssa only had 2 accidents! Woohoo! At first, if she was wearing a pull-up she would go in it. But, now she tells us when she has to go no matter what the circumstances…pull-up, underwear, in public, and during the night! That’s right…she’s even dry during nap and night time!! I’m one happy momma!

I’m actually a spoiled momma. I have two amazing girls. I’m really blessed. They are both (mostly) well-behaved (although Alyssa is starting the “terrible two” behavior!). Both were easy to potty-train. In my eyes…they are perfect.

What truly makes them perfect is that are a gift to Matt and me from God. They are His. And in His infinite wisdom He gave them to us to raise, nurture, guide, and love. Thank you, God, for our two precious gifts!!