Cowboy breakfast…
Every year in downtown Austin they have what is called the Cowboy Breakfast. Best part…it’s free! Our neighbor told us about it and we decided to go. We left home around 5:45am and the only thing motivating me to drag myself and the girls out of bed that early is a simple fact…we only have a few months left in Austin and I want to do as many “Austin-y” things as possible. Even if it means getting up at 5:15 to get free breakfast.

Well, it was worth the lack of sleep. They had so much good food…coffee made over hot coals, brisket tacos, Round Rock donuts and cupcakes. They (of course) had live music and even had a time when they taught people how to line dance. In case you don’t know, Grace is her mother’s daughter and LOVES to dance. At weddings we can’t get her (or me!) off the dance floor. She didn’t disappoint at the Cowboy breakfast either. When they asked for volunteers to learn the line dance, she went up front by herself and tried her best to do it. IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER! Our neighbor’s co-worker got it on video and is supposed to give us a copy. I can’t wait. Everyone around us was talking about how cute she was and the teacher had her say her name in his mic. Great times.

No more paci…
Alyssa didn’t take a paci for the first 3 months of her life. After sucking her fist for a whole day, I gave her a paci and there was no turning back. She LOVES her paci. It’s a little ridiculous, actually. Lately it had gotten really bad…she was crying for it…asking for certain colors of paci’s…crazy. So, Thursday night I asked Matt what he thought about cutting it. Deep down I didn’t really want to, but I was sick of the battles I fought with her over it. It was time for cold turkey. Friday night we snipped the end of her paci (this is what we did with Grace too). When we gave it to Alyssa, she put it in her mouth and then yanked it out. She looked at the end of it and kept playing with it in a sad, puppy dog sort-of-way. Matt summed it up best…”it was like an amputation.” Precisely why it needed taken away.

Much to our surprise, she did great! She cried for about 20 minutes and was quiet. Victory! She’s still adjusting, but it’s not nearly as bad as we anticipated. The only problem now is if she wakes up early in the morning to go to the bathroom, she can’t get back to sleep. Bummer! Oh well. The good thing is now she doesn’t ask for it during the day and throw fits about it!

Starting the process…
On Saturday we started the moving process. We cleaned out our garage and attic and made “keep” and “garage sale” piles. We also listed (and sold) some things on Craigslist. It’s exciting to feel like we’re “doing” something. Because of having a little less than 3 months until the big move, it’s too much time to look for a rental house or start packing. I know what’s going to happen, though…our life is going to be super busy in the next few months and we’re going to go from “doing nothing” to “being stressed and overwhelmed.” I’m praying that doesn’t happen, but it’s going to happen. It’s crazy to move across the country. We’ve done it before…and here we go again. 🙂


In Matt’s words…

March 1, 2010

Check out and see what Matt has to say about our move to Denver.

He says it much more eloquently than I did!!!


March 1, 2010

The 4 of us each has something new to report. Hopefully I can remember everything… 🙂

Alyssa is changing every day. I think I type that every time, but it’s unbelievable.
– potty-trained and wears underwear 24/7!!!
– favorite phrases: “my see” (I want to see), “I do it,” “can’t see”, “miss him” (when Daddy’s on TV), and knows several of the TV personalities like “Carla Stano” (Carla Castano), “Jim Ster” (Jim Spencer), and “Rhode” (Leslie Rhode)
– makes funny faces and impersonates Grace. it’s hilarious. she also repeats most of what Grace says
– knows several of her letters “A Alyssa!,” “H” “G” “D Daddy” “O” “L Loran” and several others. she can almost count to 10 and can say the days of the week, but not in order. 🙂 she also knows all the colors.
– loves to sing “Hey hey” (a song we learned at the library) and was trying to sing “Jesus loves me” last night

Grace loves to learn and either asks a lot of questions or observes us and repeats it.
– she wrote her name for the 1st time yesterday! she is trying to spell “Flener” and today wrote “Gigi” (her friend who came over to play this morning)
– she can not only read most 3 and 4 letter words (and some larger ones), but last night in the car she was spelling “C-O-W,” “D-O-G,” “C-A-T” and others. it blew us away!!!
– loves to have her hair braided. on Wednesday my friend watched the girls and braided Grace’s hair in about 6 or 7 braids. Grace told me she wanted to leave them in for 100 million days. on Friday I made her take them out so we could enjoy the crimp before bath time.

I am trying to make more things from “scratch.” Just in the past few days I made tortillas, waffle syrup, cough syrup, bread and mac n cheese. After naps today, we’re going to attempt to make homemade bagels. I’ll let you know how it goes! I’m still running my NameDrop business and have really enjoyed that. I currently sell my things to a website for them to sell and was recently contacted by another website to do the same thing for them. It will keep me busy. 🙂

Matt has the biggest news of all of us…he got a reporter job in Denver, CO, at KUSA!!! He went for an interview about a month ago, so we’ve known about it for awhile, but haven’t been able to make it public until he signed the contract. We love Austin and it has become home…our friends are here, our church is here, we love it. But, we feel really strongly that God has opened up this door for us to walk through. If we have to leave Austin, Denver is great with me! Colorado has always been a place that we would love to live. So, here we go! We move at the end of May and his start date is June 21st. The crazy thing…Grace will go to Kindergarten and 1st grade there! Wow!

Now that you know about Denver, I can share a few more quotes from Grace… 🙂
to Bapa: “I don’t want to go to Denver. I want to stay right here so when you come I will be here.”
to Mommy & Daddy: “When we don’t have a house anymore and we move to Denver, will we live with Amber-Rose?”
(watching the Olympics): “That’s what we’re going to do when we live in Denver! Ski, figure ice skating, snow boarding, all that kind of stuff.”
to Mommy: “Can we take my dress-up stuff to Denver with us?”