It’s a Process

June 27, 2010

Packing up your belongings, saying “goodbye”, driving across the country, unpacking everything you packed, getting to know the new city, finding a church, meeting your neighbors, making new friends…oh, and how do I get to Target!? Need I say more? It’s a process.

We left Texas one month ago tomorrow. I miss it. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Denver so far. It’s not “I miss it” like…I want to jump in my car or hop on a place and go there right now. Well, if given the chance, I would. But, I would come back to Denver a few days later. I don’t really miss Texas…I miss my friends. I miss sitting down with a friend and them knowing all about me. I miss the way we looked out for each other and helped each other out so that we could be better wives and mothers. Yesterday I drove past Starbucks and saw two friends sitting, drinking coffee, and chatting. Ahhh…I wanted to call a friend and have them meet me for coffee!!

All that being said, life in Denver is really good. It’s just a process. Our house is settled minus things being hung on the wall and boxes still in our garage. We have a grocery store (King Soopers and Sunflower Market) within a 10 minute walking distance from our house (along with Michael’s, Pier 1, Chipotle, Starbucks, 24 hour fitness and a public library). And, I found a Target about 10 minutes away! Our neighbors are all really friendly! In fact, a family of 5 lives across the street from us. Their oldest, Sydney, is 5 and gets along great with Grace. They’ve played almost every day this past week.

Matt really likes his job and had his first on-air appearance yesterday. He covered wildfires in Rocky Mountain National Park. Definitely a new topic for him, but he covered it like a pro and, as my aunt put it, “he looked like a seasoned reporter!” I was impressed!

Today the final piece to our puzzle was found…a church! We went to Fellowship Denver Church last week and really liked it. Matt was sold…I wanted to try it again. Well, today I was sold. The worship was familiar, the sermon was challenging, the girls loved the kids area, and the people were friendly. Afterwards, they had a church picnic at Wash Park (which is one of our new favorite places!!!). We met a few families and had a great time! I got a few phone numbers and found out about a church playgroup on Tuesday mornings. Hooray!

I think we’re going to like Denver…it’s just a process. One that’s hard to endure. But one that God uses to draw us closer to Him.