Bed rest Day 1 & 2

November 2, 2010

Over the weekend I could tell my blood pressure was high, so I kept track of it. It was higher than normal Saturday and Sunday. By Monday morning it was still high, so we decided I should call my doctor. They had me come in and it was still high. My doctor came into the room and her first comment was “Carrie, it’s way too early for you to have high blood pressure!” (I had high bp with both girls at 37 weeks and was induced at that point). Her next question was “How much can you stay off your feet?” …as she looks from me to the two sweet girls sitting in the chair. I laughed.

As far as I understand, I’m to see my doctor weekly and will be on bed rest for the next 5-6 weeks. At that point, if my blood pressure is still high, she will induce me. Fortunately, they tested my blood and it’s not preeclampsia and hopefully it won’t get to that point.

I’ve been so overwhelmed by the help and offers to help by our friends and church community here. It’s truly a blessing!!

Matt is doing an amazing job keeping up with things around the house and even getting things done that I’ve been putting off.

As for my state-of-mind…I was super positive and encouraged yesterday. Today is a different story. It’s 1:15 in the afternoon and I’m starting to lose my mind. I’m stir crazy. You know those days when you’ve been sitting for a little bit and all-of-a-sudden you get this urge to get out of the house and do something or you’ll lose your mind?!? That’s where I am. And it’s only day 2 of 36. Yikes. I may be a mental case by the time this baby comes. Pray for me!!

I’m struggling with feeling lazy. I’m struggling with what to do to pass the time. I think the hardest part (so far) is that I’m physically able to get up off the couch and take care of my kids and stuff around the house. However, I’m not supposed to. If I had a huge cast on my leg and was physically incapable of doing things, it would be so much easier! My mom says I should just consider the baby my cast. haha

To make matters even more complicated…Alyssa has the flu today. Not only did Matt inherit all the responsibilities of the house and the 3 of us girls, but now we have a sick one. Poor Alyssa. Poor Daddy.