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February 4, 2012

After the big storm, comes the big dig.  Trust me, I know…Matt shoveled yesterday morning after about 8 inches, but we hadn’t touched it since we got 8 more.  Being the good wife that I am (wink, wink), I thought it would be nice to have the driveway and sidewalk shoveled for Matt when he got home.  So, I put Chase down for a nap, popped a movie in for the girls, and headed outside.

I started with the sidewalk.  Not only is 16″ of snow heavy, but then you have to heave it more than 16″ to pile it on top of the snow in your yard.  Yikes.  It didn’t take long for me to wear out.  I did about half of the driveway and gave in.

After resting inside for a bit, the girls and I got bundled up to play in the backyard.  Fortunately, Chase took a (almost) 4 hour nap.  So, we trudged through the backyard, made snow angels, had a snow ball fight, and (my favorite part) built a snow tunnel.  It was awesome.

I did leave out our morning outing.  One of our new favorite things to do is go to Home Depot for the Kids Clinic.  On the first Saturday of the month, they have a kids craft that they can do.  Last month they made a log cabin piggy bank…this time it was a keepsake box.  Both times we met friends there and had a great time. I would highly recommend it!!

This morning while we were at Home Depot I got a text from my mom.  She assumed we were stuck inside and bored.  After I told her we had date night last night and were at Home Depot this morning, she said, “Oh, well here I was feeling sorry for you thinking you were stuck!”  haha  The plow trucks have done a fabulous job and we were never stuck.  Now, a friend told me that a few years ago Denver got 3 feet of snow and it shut down the city.  Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen again…  🙂


We have two main themes in our lives today…walking…and winter.  I’ll start with the later.

One thing we love about Denver, is the weather.  Before moving here, we thought the winters were cold, snowy and miserable.  We were wrong.  The winters are fantastic!!  Yes, they are cold.  Yes, they are snowy.  But, they are also sunny (which makes the temperature seem warmer) and about once a week we have a 50-60 degree day. 

After living here for almost two years, last night our first big snow came.  Until now we’ve had a few inches here and a few inches there.  But, in the past 24 hours, we’ve gotten over a foot of snow…and it’s still coming down with gusto!  Grace even had her first snow day from school.

We thoroughly enjoyed her snow day.  We played (in our jammies, of course!), watched movies, did crafts, organized some drawers and rested.  Because Matt is a TV anchor and reporter, he had to go out in the crazy snow and report to all of us what it was like out there!  He enjoyed every minute, actually.

Our other “big news” is that we have another walker in the house.  Yesterday afternoon, Chase was playing on the floor, stood up, and took about 5 steps towards me.  This continued the rest of the day and today too.  So, I have to accept that he’s officially walking.  I love it, don’t get me wrong.  It just freaks me out when I turn a corner and he’s walking toward me!  I still don’t expect it…

Check out my facebook page to see videos from our day…Chase walking and the girls doing their best news and weather broadcaster impressions.  As my dad said, we just need Chase to do sports and the Fleners could do a whole news broadcast!!  🙂