Emotional mommy

August 13, 2014

This morning was a blur…

The kids all got up before their alarms, so anxious and ready for their first day of school. Getting out the door was not stressful because I had packed and planned the night before. All was well on the home front.

A friend and I planned a “coffee and cry” for the Kindergarten parents, so I was focused on all that I needed to do to make that happen…

Get out the door, pick up the coffee, get it to school, lug 5 gallons of coffee across the parking lot, set it up, mingle with kindergarten parents, and tear it all down.

I lost sight of the fact that I was also dropping my girls off for their first day of school.

Tear. Which became another tear. And another. And another. I was a mess.

Fortunately, I had plans to meet a few friends at Chic-fil-a, so I was distracted from the void I was feeling with the girls gone.

We picked the girls up this afternoon at the end of the day and they were beaming!! Fantastic day! Making new friends, learning new things and loving every minute.

Makes it worth the mommy heartache 🙂


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