Mommy guilt

August 20, 2014

Yep, mommy guilt.

You know that feeling after you sat your sweet babe in front of the TV for hours so you can scrub toilets?!?

Yep, that.

Well, today, for me…it was grocery shopping. With a 3-year-old boy.

We drove across town. Sprouts. Costco. Back across town. Unloaded. Then off to get the sisters from school.

Poor Chase.

It’s such a struggle! I try to bring my kids along for the adventures in grocery shopping and scrubbing toilets, but the guilt remains.

Why? These are all things that have to get done at some point in my day.

Maybe it’s because of our Pinterest-centered culture that makes me feel bad for not doing a craft with my kids every day and making their birthday parties look like something out of HGTV magazine.

Thank God for grace…not my daughter, Grace (although she’s fantastic too!!), but God’s unmerited favor that He gives me daily…hourly…every minute. Because I desperately need it.

So, while I let God’s grace cover my mommy guilt…Chase pretended a cantaloupe was his baby while we shopped in Sprouts, tasted every sample in Costco, and, when Daddy got home from work he shouted, “Daddy! I got pizza at Costco!!!”


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